I Want To Teach you How to get Rid of Acne Forever

"There is absolutely no reason why any should have to live with acne. By following a simple daily routine and making a few lifestyle changes anyone can have clear skin".

I've tried it all - creams, cleanser, scrubs, rubs, masks, pills, potions, toners, natural cures, and yes even the WMD of acne treatment Accutane.

Do you know what... None of it cleared up my skin. I will admit that the Accutane did work while I was on it, but as soon as I stopped the acne slowly started coming back.

My dermatologists solution was to wait another couple weeks and she would put me on another cycle of Accutane. Yeah Right! The first time around was the worst 6 months of my life - there was no way I was going to go through that again.

Here's what my Accutane experienced consisted of:

Another thing about Accutane if you don't have insurance you can expect to spend the equivalent of a small house payment every month buying the stuff.

The one thing I did not experience while taking Accutane was depression. Before they would give me the prescription my dermatologist made me read over some stuff and sign off on it, and one of the things mentioned was depression and even suicide. Other than the miserable side effects emotionally I felt fine.

As I mentioned the 6 months I did spend on Accutane did clear up my skin, but within a few weeks the acne started to resurface. And that's when I started to research other ways to get rid of acne.

What I found was a by using combinations of various products (some acne specific and some not) I'm able to stay 98% clear. Why 98% and not 100% clear? Because there is no cure for acne, and anyone who says otherwise is full of it.

Right now keeping a acne free complexion involves a simple daily routine that involves washing, and moisturizing. I will also exfoliate once or twice a week with a special mixture I can up with.

Vitamins are also part of my routine as well as lots of water.

I try to avoid stress and workout a couple times a week (the sauna and steam room are great for opening up your pores and sweating out all that dirt and grime that gets stuck in your skin).

With this site I'll be sharing what I have learned about getting rid of acne and staying acne free.

I will also update this site with any information that I come across regarding acne. Things like medical studies, news stories, reviews of acne products, ect..

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